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Garden Tools

Gardening tools and equipment Photo: Das Ant
Gardening tools and equipment Photo: Das Ant

The right tool makes working in the garden more pleasurable.  Always purchase the best quality tool since it is well worth the investment.  Avoid tools that are too heavy or too light, which may not hold up under continuous use. 

Remember the three Cs of tool purchases:
• Construction
• Comfort
• Cost

Durability & practicality

There are essential tools that every gardener should have. The material used to create the tools will determine durability and ease of use. Fiberglass is lightweight and easy to clean, but it's more expensive. Steel lasts long but can rust without proper care. Wood is heavier than fiberglass and can dry out over time, but is less expensive. Cushioned handles provide comfort and minimize blistering. 

Quality vs cost

Consider how often you will use a tool. Hand pruners are a good place to spend your money on quality, as you are likely to pick them up and use them at least once every time you garden. Some tools, such as shovels, help you accomplish a variety of garden tasks while others, such as the dandelion weeder, are designed to do just one thing well. If you don’t spend a lot of time removing deep-diving, tap-rooted weeds in your yard but regularly have lots of Japanese maple leaves to rake, you might opt for that less expensive dandelion weeder and put the money you save into a high-quality rake.

Jump to these essential garden tools:

> Hand Pruners     > Fruit Saw
> Pruning Saw       > Gardening Knife
> Trowel                 > Shovel
> Spade                  > Hand Rake
> Rake                    > Gloves

> Irrigation            > Wheelbarrow, Cart, Bag/Tub