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Planting Seeds & Starts

Daniel Oberg, Unsplash
Daniel Oberg, Unsplash


You can get a jump start on new plants by growing them from seeds indoors. This is a good way to grow edible plants, because there are many more varieties available from seed.

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Seedlings or starts 

When seedlings (also called starts) are ready to be planted outdoors: 
• “Harden” your plants about two weeks before transplanting to the garden. “Hardening” acclimates plants to the outdoor garden by gradually exposing them to lower temperatures and relative humidity.  
• Make sure the soil you are planting in is moist, but not too wet.
• Handle the tender seedlings with care. 
• Use a knife or wooden plant labels to slip the seedling out of its pot and gently loosen the roots if they’ve become pot bound. 
• In general, plant seedlings at the same depth they were in the planting tray.  
• Give seedlings some protection from sun and wind for a few days after they’ve been transplanted. Overturned pots or baskets, row covers, or shade cloth will shelter them temporarily while roots settle in. 
• Water the transplanted seedlings every third day, or more often if it’s unusually hot, until they become established.

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