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Plants with “Mexican” in their common name

  • March 30, 2024
  • Several common plants have “Mexican” in their common name. What does this tell us about where the plant will grow and what conditions it needs to succeed?

    I’ve chosen to review Mexican primrose, Mexican bush sage, and Mexican marigold.

    Mexican primrose, Oenothera speciosa, has showy pink flowers and spreads easily in the garden. Its origin is the southwest United States and Mexico. The plant grows well in full sun with low water requirements. Sounds like the warm and dry conditions of Mexico, doesn’t it?

    Mexican bush sage, Salvia leucantha, may be the most popular Salvia because of its abundant purple flowers in late summer. It grows well in full sun with low water. Its origin is Mexico and South America.

    Mexican marigold, Tagetes lemmonii, is a 3-4-foot shrub with yellow flowers and a lemony scent. Yes, it’s drought-tolerant and is native to Mexico and Arizona.

  • Katie Martin