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Introducing the Opportunity Fund

The UC Marin Master Gardener Board of Directors is grateful for tax-deductible donations made to our Opportunity Fund.  The Opportunity Fund supports all UC Marin Master Gardener programs, including educational events for adults and children, demonstration gardens, and much more.

Peach Leaf Curl

peach leaf curl
Why are we writing about peach leaf curl in November when the leaves are falling off the trees?  This is when you plan your control measures so that next spring your tree will at least have less of a problem than it did this year.  Just remember, when you see the symptoms it is too late to solve the problem.  Read more about peach leaf curl...

Dormant Sprays for Peach Leaf Curl

Growing Native Plants From Seeds

Clarkia.  Photo credit: Debra L Cook
With water conservation in mind, many gardeners are turning to native shrubs and plants for landscaping because they are naturally suited to our wet winter-dry summer environment. Read on to find out how you might collect seeds and propagate them in your garden...

Harvey’s Garden, Blackie’s Pasture

Harvey’s Garden at Blackie’s Pasture
Harvey’s Garden at Blackie’s Pasture in Tiburon is a pesticide-free, full-sun, public garden features approximately 2,500 drought-tolerant native plants. In addition to California natives, species from the Mediterranean areas of South Africa, Mexico and Australia have been added to give more color over the entire year. Plants have been identified with markers indicating the botanical and common names, and are updated regularly to help educate visitors to this easy-access garden. Directions and plant list.

Upcoming Events

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Selecting Plants at a Nursery

How to select healthy plants from a nursery video
View tips on how to select healthy nursery plants 
from the state Master Gardeners program.

Clean Up Now for a Pest-Free Garden in Spring

borer curculio bug
Fall is a fabulous time for planting: the still-warm soil, decreasing daylight hours, cooling temperatures and — hopefully — the promise of rain will welcome new plants. But, there is another important project that will help bring you healthier plants with fewer pests next spring and summer. Read on for tips on fall garden maintenance...

Preventing Erosion

Wattles on Hillside, Bob Mauceli
Rain will likely arrive this month. In Marin, rain normally occurs between November and April. After our dry summers, we depend on the rainfall for the deep watering our native and garden plants need. Ideally our winter rains fall gently on rich and stable soil, nourishing our thirsty plants. But when the rain washes away topsoil and floods flowerbeds, it can become too much of a good thing. Read on for tips on preventing erosion...

Garden To-do List

To-do List
Check here for a helpful to-do list of garden tasks that can improve the health of your garden this season and into the next:

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Seasonal Farmers Markets open in May.  Visit a Master Gardener Help Desk at your local Farmers Market.  Click here for the schedule.


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