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Growing Edible Pod Peas – It’s a Snap!

snap pea
While many parts of the country are cold and snowy this month, with gardeners thumbing through seed catalogs and dreaming about summer planting – gardeners in Marin County can grow enjoy fresh edibles year round. Read on to learn about how you can plant peas now for a winter harvest...

Wisteria: Winter Pruning

wisteria on fence
Winter is the perfect time to restore order to that tangle of vines climbing your fence or hovering above you on the arbor. If your wisteria, Papilionaceae, hasn’t been pruned in a while, the vines may be poking into the eaves and working their way under the shingles and into cracks. Now is the time to do the major restructuring that will result in cascading flowers in the spring. Read on for more on winter pruning...

How to Prune Wisteria in Winter and Summer

Fruit Trees Need Dormancy Provided By The Cold

When planting fruit trees we choose a place in our garden that receives full sun. However, just as important is the number of chill hours a tree needs to be able to resume normal growth following winter. Read on for more information on chill hours...

Falkirk Demonstration Gardens

Come and visit the Demonstration Gardens at Falkirk. There are eight different gardens demonstrating not only a variety of plants but also illustrating landscaping and water saving techniques.

Insect Found In Novato Spreads Lethal Citrus Tree Disease

ACP adult
An insect that causes harm to citrus plants and trees has made its first appearance in Novato.  Call 800-491-1899 to report suspected symptoms.  Read on about the Asian citrus psyllid...

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2019 Tomato Plant Sale
Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to Protect Plants from Frost

Photo: UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County
Photo: UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County
When the outside temperature drops to freezing, some plants need protection. Be ready to deal with this problem with these tips...

Growing a Small Fruit Tree

Excerpted from Grow a Little Fruit Tree © by Ann Ralph. Photography © by Saxon Holt-PhotoBotanic. Used with permission from Storey Publishing
Excerpted from Grow a Little Fruit Tree © by Ann Ralph. Photography © by Saxon Holt-PhotoBotanic. Used with permission from Storey Publishing
Fruit trees are like domesticated animals: they need us to take care of them. Quit pruning your fig tree and chances are it will continue to grow, but you’ll end up with a tangled twist of branches and a few figs thirty feet overhead. Don’t like stepping on squishy fallen fruit or teetering on ladders? Keep your tree as short as six feet by pruning. Read on to learn how...

Bare Root Trees are Prime To Grow

Winter is the best time to purchase bare root trees. By planting these dormant trees, you’ll save money, be able to see visible roots and have a greater choice of varieties. Read on to learn more about bare root trees...

Introducing the Opportunity Fund

The UC Marin Master Gardener Board of Directors is grateful for tax-deductible donations made to our Opportunity Fund.  The Opportunity Fund supports all UC Marin Master Gardener programs, including educational events for adults and children, demonstration gardens, and much more.

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