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Pest of the Month - Staying Fire Safe

The fires that ravaged the North Bay have us all wondering – What can we do to protect our homes from fire?

The most important defense is making a 100 ft zone of defensible space around your home. What, you say? Yes, the first 30 feet is the “Lean, Clean and Green Zone.” Clear all combustibles and flammables, such as dry grasses, needles, roof and rain gutters, firewood, dead limbs especially if overhanging house, even fiber door mats.

The next 70 feet is the Reduced Fuel Zone. Trees should be limbed up 6-10 ft or significantly more on steep slopes. Trees should be spaced to avoid a thicket of combustibles. Let your neighbors know too. Even “fire-safe” trees can burn if conditions get hot enough. Read more about Fire Safe Planting.

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