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Pests in the Garden

Photo: N Londeree
Photo: N Londeree

Pests in a garden or landscape can include all kinds of different life forms. From the microscopic disease-producing bacteria to large foliage-eating deer, they come in many types, sizes, shapes, forms, and destructive abilities.

A pest is considered to be anything that:

• injures humans, animals, crops, structures, or possessions
• competes with humans, domestic animals, or crops for food, feed, or water
• spreads disease to humans, domestic animals, or crops

Main Pest Categories:

There are three broad groups of pests that potentially affect the garden - click on each category to find out more and see profiles of the most common pests:

It is important to understand the basics of each group to successfully manage them. The majority of species in each of these groups are benign or even beneficial in the garden.  Only a very small percentage of each group can cause significant damage. 

Not Sure What Pest You are Dealing with?

Dig deeper and search by where and by the type of plant on which you are seeing damage: