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The Best Ways to Manage Rats
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Contact: Nanette Londeree at londereen@gmail.com
Sponsor: UC Marin Master Gardeners

Program: Trapping is an effective method to manage rats. This program will explore the many types of available traps, and when and how to use them. We will also look at trap placement, numbers of traps and types of bait to use, and more professional tips for successfully managing these smart pests without pesticides.

Speakers: Carolyn Whitesell, Ph.D., is an UC ANR Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor. Dr. Whitesell’s work focuses on minimizing negative interactions with a variety of species, including rats, coyotes, and mountain lions in both urban and rural areas of the Bay Area. She has a PhD in Ecology from UC Davis and conducted research for many years on large carnivores in southern Africa.

Alison Hermance is Director of Communications and Marketing at WildCare. Alison is responsible for media and public relations for WildCare in San Rafael. She does outreach presentations including television and radio appearances, edits their newsletter and writes extensively about wildlife and the injured and orphaned patients admitted to WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital.

Registration is required and opens on 12/21/21. Register at https://ucanr.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcrdO-gqDotE9PIew-7Y3d3etV9DtV_6mlR

Cost: None

This event is sponsored by YardSmartMarin, UC ANR, and WildCare.

Contact: For more information about this event contact Nanette Londeree at londereen@gmail.com.