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Edibles Grow Sheets

Wintery Savory

  • Scientific Name
    Satureja montana
  • General Information

    Winter Savory is a dark green perennial that prefers full sun and grows a foot tall. It is easy to grow. Bees collect both pollen and nectar from the shoots of long flowering savory. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is used in cooking.

  • When to Plant

    Plant in spring or late fall.

  • Planting

    Grow from starts, 12 inches apart, where it can get at least six hours of sun per day.

  • Soil Requirements

    Well drained soil.

  • Water Requirements

    Low water – drought tolerant.

  • Fertilizing

    Amend with compost in early spring.

  • Pollination

    Winter savory is pollinated by insects.

  • Harvesting

    Harvest throughout the growing season as needed. Both flowers and leaves are edible. Taste is more pronounced when leaves are harvested before flowers form.

  • Storage

    Winter Savory’s sharp, pointed leaves dry well. Strip dried leaves from stem and store in glass jar until next season’s harvest.

  • Good Varieties for Marin

    Commonly available as straight species.

  • Helpful Tips

    Prune Winter Savory regularly to encourage new growth and good air flow.

  • Common Problems

    Relatively problem free.

  • Pests- Diseases & More

    If whiteflies or spider mites visit, hose them off.