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Common Pests & Problems in Edible Gardens

Edible gardens are certainly not immune to pests and diseases. Pests can take out tender young plant shoots in one night, eat holes in mature leaves and fruit, and leave slimy tracks all over.

The best way to treat pests is to prevent them:
• Plant disease resistant varieties or edibles that are relatively pest free
Keep the garden clean 
• Maintain healthy soil 
• Provide habitat for natural enemies
• Monitor plants regularly for pests 
• Use an integrated pest management approach


Top 20 problems in edible gardens  

Got pests or other problems in your veggie garden and want to know how to manage them? Here are some of the common plant problems and pests in Marin. 


Don't see your problem above? Here's more information about other types of  insects, mites, mollusks and nematodes.


Didn't find what you were looking for? Here is more information on other types of plant diseases.


Some garden problems aren't caused by pests or diseases, but by environmental or cultural problems including watering issues, nutrient imbalances and physical issues.