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Pruning Flowering Trees & Shrubs

Salvia - Rosette-Forming

  • Scientific Name
    Salvia nemorosa, S. x superba, S. penstemonoides, S. Spathacea
  • Image & Information

    Salvia nemorosa. Photo Wikimedia Commons
    Salvia nemorosa. Photo Wikimedia Commons
    These salvia have erect flower stems surrounded by low mounds of foliage at the base of the stems.

    As a general rule, these salvia may be pruned severely in the late fall or in the spring. The decision depends upon whether a gardener’s climate includes many nights of freezing temperatures. If so, then it is best to prune in the spring, so that the previous year’s growth can protect the emerging new growth. If frost damage is not an issue, then the best time for an annual pruning is in the late fall.

  • When to Prune
    Late fall or spring
  • Flowers/Fruit on New or Old Wood
    New Wood
  • How & What to Prune

    In late fall or spring (Information), remove all flower stems to the ground. This strengthens the roots and promotes vigorous growth in the spring.

    Do not remove the leafy rosettes.

    During the growing season, remove any spent flower stems. They may flower again.