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What is the Speaker's Bureau?

The Speaker's Bureau is a service provided by UC Marin Master Gardeners who present research-based programs to the public on a variety of topics from the world of horticulture, sustainable gardening practices and more.  Our speakers are usually hosted by local libraries, and sometimes by business and civic organizations, neighborhood associations, schools, garden clubs, and other groups. Programs may include slide presentations and, for some subjects, demonstration and hands-on formats.


Who will my speaker be?

Programs are presented by UC Marin Master Gardener volunteer educators who have  knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about the subjects on which they speak. Host venues are provided with brief topic descriptions and speaker bios for use in publicity.

What topics are available?

Below is a list of current programs. If you don’t see a specific topic of interest, please contact us.

• Basic Backyard Composting
• Composting 101
• Composting for Gold
• Worm Composting

Edible plants & gardening
• Alliums: Onions & Garlic and Leeks, Oh My!
• Edible Flowers - Beyond The Beauty
• Growing Strawberries & Blueberries
• Herbs For All Seasons
• Nuts!

Fire-smart landscaping
• Fire-Smart Landscaping

General gardening
• Getting To The Root Of The Matter
• Hillside Gardening 101
• Invasives: More Than Just Bugs & Blooms
• Keeping Varmints At Bay
• Lawn Replacement
• Pesticides
• Water: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Habitats & wildlife
• Exploring Plant Life On Ring Mountain
• Habitat Gardening: Bring Birds, Bees & Butterflies To Your Yard
• The Secret Lives of Bees

• Basic Pruning
• Pruning Roses & Basic Rose Care
• Wisteria Pruning

Specific plant types
• Citrus Gardening
• Gardening with California Natives
• Mini-Succulent Gardens
• Pruning Roses & Basic Rose Care
• Succulents

Sustainable gardening
• Climate Smart Gardening
• Lawn Alternatives
• Water Conservation

What else do I need to know?

• Talks typically run 45 to 60 minutes, with time for questions and answers.
• We may not be able to fill requests for groups of less than 15 people.
• Please contact us at least one month in advance for any speaker request.