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Have a garden problem? Contact us at the Help Desk

The Marin Master Gardener Help Desk is a garden problem solving/information resource provided through the University of California Cooperative Extension for Marin County residents. If you are not a Marin County resident, please contact your county's local Cooperative Extension office.

Consider trying to identify or narrow down the causes of your plant problem before contacting us. It will help you gather information so we can better assist you. For many issues, the IPM Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool may give you the answers you need. We highly recommend it!

The Help Desk is responding to questions submitted through our new Online Help Desk Form. Ask your detailed question by completing and submitting your inquiry HERE.

You may separately email related photos to your inquiry as attachments. You must include your name and subject name in order for us to match the email with your completed Help Desk Form.

When you email us with your question, be ready to include some details:

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• One problem / info request per email
• A statement of what you would like to know
• Details of the problem:
- Where is the plant located (address)?
- What type of plant is it (if you know)?
- How old is the plant?
- How much sun and water the plant receives?
- Has the problem just started or has it been going on for some time?
- Has there been recent chemical use (including fertilizer) on the plant?
- Is there anything else that may help diagnose the problem?
• Please send photos:
- Showing the affected portion of the plant
- Showing the healthy portions of the plant and entire plant if possible
- That are high resolution and in focus

If you have a general inquiry for Marin Master Gardeners, or a question about our various projects, please email us at HelpDesk@marinmg.org


Need additional help with referrals? While we cannot refer or recommend specific companies or persons, here are lists that may help you with your garden and landscaping needs:

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• Find a certified arborist in your area

• Find a consulting arborist

Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) referrals
for professionals trained in efficient irrigation principles and sustainable landscaping practices