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Marin Garden Walks:
Invite a Master Gardener to Your Garden

Marin Garden Walks is a partnership between UC Marin Master Gardeners and Marin Municipal Water District to provide homeowners in Marin with information and advice on improving their irrigation practices to help conserve Marin’s precious water resources.

Let our trained garden consultants help you create a more water-wise, sustainable, and healthier garden

UC Marin Master Gardeners are trained in many aspects of microclimates, site analysis, garden design, and knowledge of plants, fruits, and vegetables commonly grown in Marin, as well as the pests and problems that many home gardeners encounter. Our Garden Walkers are further trained by water conservation experts at the Marin Municipal Water District, focusing on water efficiency, irrigation systems, soil health, maintenance, and of course, leak detection and system faults.

To create gardens that are sustainable and in harmony with the greater environment, UC Marin Master Gardeners recommend Earth-friendly Gardening practices. These are practical, science-based methods to manage soil, choose plants, conserve resources, and protect the environment and garden life in its many forms. Learn more about Earth-friendly Gardening.

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What Marin gardeners are saying about their Garden Walks:

"I’m a beginner gardener. They helped me figure out how to start off right."
- Jean, San Rafael

"The Master Gardener team was friendly, professional, and helpful and shared their positive attitude to their garden and their outreach."
- Julie in Fairfax

"Very helpful and excellent suggestions for drought-resistant plants."
- Joyce, San Rafael