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The movement of water through plants

  • January 8, 2022
  • The amount of water absorbed by a plant is enormous. And the amount given off into the air as water vapor is also enormous. For example, a tomato plant will transpire approximately 33 gallons and a corn plant 54 gallons during the growing season.

    The water moves from the soil into the root hairs of the plant, and then into the xylem of the plant. The xylem carries the water upward through the stem and leaves.

    How does water move to the top of tall trees? Is it pushed from the bottom or pulled from the top? As water evaporates from the leaves, each molecule of water exerts a pull on the next. This chain of water molecules clinging to each other is the reason trees can grow so tall.

    This remarkable system of water carried upward through the xylem enables trees to grow to amazing heights.

  • Katie Martin