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Steering Committee

California lilac blossoms – Karen Gideon
California lilac blossoms – Karen Gideon

The following UC MMG members have participated in the planning and review of the Opportunity Fund:

Opportunity Fund Co-Chairpersons: David Lewis and Joe Jennings

Advisory Team:

Alanna Brady, President (2014-16)           Roberta Miller, Past Treasurer
James Campbell           Peter Norton, Treasurer
Don Chapman, President (2012-2014)           Gael Perrin
Pat Decker, President (2012-2014), Honorary           Kacy Pyne, Past Treasurer
Karen Detweiler, Honorary           Pat Randolph, President (2014-16)
Jill Fugaro, President (2008)           Kathryn Reinhardt, President (2010-2012)
Karen Gideon           Claire Russell, Honorary
Barbara Grieco, Honorary           Pam Scott, President (2006)
Pam Hartwell-Herrero, Honorary           Lois Stevens
Vicki Joslin, President (2016-18)           Tami Stolte, President (2016-18)
Kathy King           Linda Thompson, Honorary
Nancy Lange, President (1998)           Anne-Marie Walker, President (2009)
Staff: David Lewis, Steven Swain