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Matilija Poppy - Cathleen Carter
Matilija Poppy - Cathleen Carter

“Care and Love of the Earth”
"The Opportunity Fund of Marin Master Gardeners is like planting a seed for the future. We, through our outreach as volunteers, enrich our community as well as our little piece of earth! Each small step we take must demonstrate care for the earth. And then, our love for the earth is revealed because we have planted that seed and cared for it. Your donation to the Opportunity Fund today, will assure growth tomorrow."

Anne-Marie Walker, President, 2009
MMG Class of 2005

“Why Plant an Olive Tree?”
“Plant vegetables for your family and yourself, and an olive tree for your grandchildren.” The Opportunity Fund is like an olive tree. We are planting it today to provide resources for the future. Each gift will grow over time. The Opportunity Fund can help us take advantage of new opportunities, respond to challenges, and reduce the risks associated with being an all-volunteer organization."

Joe Jennings
MMG Class of 2012