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Planned Estate Giving

Monarch butterfly – Karen Gideon
Monarch butterfly – Karen Gideon
Planned Giving often allows donors to make larger gifts than they may have thought possible. Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to a beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the donor.

We encourage you to consult your personal financial advisor about making a gift. UC staff are also available to discuss your wishes for giving in confidence and to respond to requests from attorneys, accountants and financial planners.

Bequests are made by naming the UC Marin Master Gardeners Opportunity Fund as a beneficiary in your will or living trust. They often serve as the cornerstone of planned giving, and as the first step in creating a philanthropic legacy. A bequest for any amount can be made by anyone, at any age, with a will or trust. You and your legal advisor are encouraged to consult with the UC Planned Giving Office regarding the gift language to ensure your intentions are fulfilled.

For more information on planned giving, please contact UCCE County Director David Lewis at (415) 473-4204 or djllewis@ucanr.edu.