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Support our Local Farmers during COVID-19

COVID-19's disruption of our global and national supply chains has brought new attention to local food production. We are cooking more for ourselves, and appreciating meat, dairy and produce that comes from within our own community. Farms are shifting their focus away from the struggling restaurant trade to sell directly to households in Marin and around the Bay area. How can you get more of Marin's bounty for your table? Here are some suggestions:

Farmers Markets:

Find the listing of the regional farmers markets here on the Grown in Marin website.  Nearly all year-round markets are open with seasonal markets starting in May. The Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM) and Agricultural Community Events (ACE) are both offering online presale of items for curbside pickup at their markets so customers can easily grab and go.  

Direct from the farm:

  • Our website's Find Marin Ag Products page shows you who is growing what, along with where to find local farmstands.
  • Get weekly boxes of produce from Marin and Sonoma farms, assembled by F.E.E.D. Sonoma in Petaluma.  Available for pick up or delivered to your door.
  • Northbay Creameries is an online portal where local cheesemakers are offering their products direct to consumers with free shipping for orders over $50.
  • Check out the Buy Local section of MALT's website


Many nearby markets carry local meat, eggs, dairy and produce.  A short list includes: