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Clivia miniata

Common Name
Kaffir Lily
CA Native
Plant Type
18" - 24" x 12"
Flower Color
Orange, Yellow
Bloom Time
  • Spring
Dark Green,Strap-Shaped Leaves
Deer Resistant
Seldom Damaged
Wildlife Value
  • Bees
Growth Rate
Adverse Growth Factors
Special Features
  • Attractive Berries
  • Low Maintenance
  • Showy Flowers
Water Use
  • Low
Soil pH
5.5-6.4 (acid)
  • Partial Shade
  • Shade
Soil Type
Good Drainage
Description and Cultural Plant Tips

Clivia is a clump-forming perennial with dark green strap-like leaves. The trumpet-shaped flowers are a brilliant orange or yellow that appear mainly in the spring to early summer. The orange or yellow flowers brighten up a shady garden spot or can be used to line a shady walkway. They are ideal for mass plantings.

Plant with the crown above the soil surface and about 30 cm. apart in well-composted soil. Clivia are frost tender so plant under the eaves of a house or canopy of a dense tree.  Clivia are sensitve to the sun and leaves will turn yellow if exposed to direct afternoon sun.  Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer early in the spring to mid-summer to achieve maximum growth.  Clivia will tolerate extended dry conditions once they are established.

Slugs and snails will attach the leaves of the clivia. The Lily caterpillar will also damage the leaves of this plant.


Master Gardener Comments

This is a great plant for dry shade. Try the pale yellow mixed with the orange for a real show stopper.


C. miniata 'Citrina' - pale lemon yellow flowers

C. miniata ' Sunset Apricot' - large apricot flowers

C. miniata ' Daruma' - large brilliant orange flower

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