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The goal of the UC Marin Master Gardener School Garden Program is to help schools set up sustainable gardens that create learning environments for students.

Our garden consultants can help you evaluate your garden site, advise you on garden needs (tools, irrigation, fencing, storage etc.), and offer suggestions on bed size and soil preparation. We can recommend plant material based on the goals of your garden, help you establish compost or worm bins and answer your garden and bug questions. While we don’t teach classes, we do suggest resources for curriculum-based garden activities, and we are happy to provide garden-related demonstrations to school staff, parent volunteers, and children with teachers present.

All Master Gardeners have been fingerprinted and have passed background screening by the California Department of Justice. We follow horticultural practices appropriate within adopted University California Cooperative Extension guidelines and established Integrated Pest Management Techniques.

Photo by Peggy Chipkin
Photo by Peggy Chipkin

School gardens are magical places where students learn many things about the world of plants. A garden can be an outdoor classroom for hands-on leaning about healthy food, habitats, and the wonder of nature.

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Contact: SchoolandCommunityGardens@marinmg.org