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Canal Community Garden
Canal Community Garden
Neighborhood community gardens benefit many. Here are some resources about starting one as well as links to other important community garden information.

How to Start a Community Garden


This "Community Garden Guide" is intended to help Marin communities, neighborhood groups and organizations along the path to starting and sustaining a community garden.

Why Start a Community Garden?

Those who are lucky enough to have sunny backyards or balconies can plant a garden whenever they have the time and energy. But what about those who do not have a place to garden? For these people, community gardens may be the answer. Many families without adequate space to garden at home would like to grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as flowers, while saving money on their food bills.

And for many, gardening is a relaxing way to exercise and enjoy being outdoors. There are also families who would like to grow traditional foods not available in the supermarket, while offering an opportunity to pass along cultural gardening practices to younger generations.

Community gardens beautify neighborhoods and help bring neighbors closer together. They have been proven as tools to reduce neighborhood crime--particularly when vacant, blighted lots are targeted for garden development. Community gardens provide safe, recreational green space in urban areas with little or no park land, and can contribute greatly to keeping urban air clean.

[1] Special thanks to the Los Angeles County Master Gardeners for their willingness to permit our adaptation of their manual for use here in Marin.

[2] Information about liability insurance for community gardens was partially obtained from the American Community Garden Association  (ACGA) (http://communitygarden.org/docs/learn/articles/insuranceforcommunitygardens.pdf)

Additional Resources for Community Gardens