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Water Heroes

Water-Saving Heroes 2014-08-19
Garden Walkers were recognized at the MMWD Board of Directors meeting August 19th as "Conservation Heroes" for their outstanding efforts in conserving water in Marin. Sharon Stender, Pam Polite Fisco, Susan Bloch, Peggy Mathers and David Lewis (UCCE Director) attended.

160 Master Gardeners have been trained by MMWD and MMG to conduct Garden Walks, a garden water usage audit. Garden Walkers have conducted 1051 walks in the 6 years of the program resulting on a measurable 5-7% reduction the MMWD clients water usage. This program has won the Marin Conservation League Ted Wellman Water Award as well as recognition from the UC State Master Gardener organization. The Garden Walk program is expanding throughout the UC Master Gardener system and will be focused on during the Statewide Conference this year.  

If you're interested in finding out more about the Garden Walk Program, look here.