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Top 3 Fire-Smart Updates To Make Today

1. Remove combustible items within 5 feet of your home.

Mauceli house after
Rake up wood mulch and move it further out in your landscape. Prune or remove plants near doors or under windows. Cut down vines growing on the house. What other combustibles do you see? The five feet around the perimeter of your home is the most vulnerable. Make it a point to keep it as free from combustibles as possible.


2. Remove litter from roof gutters.

When a wildfire burns nearby, floating embers may spark a fire if they land in gutters filled with tree leaves or needles. Keeping your gutters free of debris is an important fire-smart move.


3. Trim vegetation impeding access to your property.

FIRE-smart front yard
Could fire fighters easily access your property in the event of an emergency? If the answer is no, make it a point to clear vegetation or anything else blocking their way.


These simple things can help keep your property and home safe while still allowing you to have a thriving landscape to enjoy. Learn more here.