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Spring is the Time for Potatoes, Asparagus and Citrus

Now is the time to consider planting edibles like potatoes, asparagus, and citrus.  

The potato was the first vegetable in space, has eyes but cannot see, and gives our body carbohydrates for energy, says Marin Master Gardener Anne-Marie Walker. She also provides tips on growing potatoes. Wondering how to cut your potato tuber, really an enlarged and modified stem, for your garden -  it can be done easily using a paring knife to yield large potato harvests.   See a how-to video on planting potatoes here.


Asparagus is a very hardy perennial plant and a member of the lily family (Asparagus officinalis).  Our Master Gardeners give advice on how to enjoy "Asparagus: Spears for Years" here. Asparagus is unique in the world of edible crops because it's perennial, providing 15+ years of tasty spears after a single planting. Although easy to grow, you must prepare the soil, pick a site with full or partial sun and to avoid crowding out by other plants a raised bed works well. Also, you must be patient since the best approach is to harvest your spears after a year or more of growth, so the plant leafs out to establish a healthy crown and provides a vigorous crop for years to come. All this work and patience will give you many years of spears.

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Also consider citrus, which are native to Asia and a member of the Rutaceae family and ideally suited to the California garden. Anne-Marie Walker says citrus is evergreen, prolific, and low maintenance, and the best time to plant citrus is in spring. They are good candidates for 5-gallon or bigger containers. They like six hours of sun, and some heat to develop sugar. A bountiful harvest of citrus allows you to make juice, jams and jellies, and a counter display of fruit brings sunshine into your kitchen.

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