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Why Garden Walkers Walk

Over 160 Marin Master Gardeners have been trained to conduct Marin Friendly Garden Walks since the beginning of the program in 2008. Listen to why we love to come to your garden and volunteer information on healthy and sustainable gardening techniques.  For free!

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I like helping residents on site in their own gardens.  We can have a direct and immediate impact by sharing our knowledge of sustainable gardening practices. 
- Betsy McGee
I volunteer on Garden Walks because I believe that water conservation is an important issue in Marin and will become more so as we experience "warming" and a drier climate.  The more we are able to help Marin residents have an attractive garden without using huge quantities of water, the better off we all will be.
- Doris Gates

I love representing the Marin Master Gardeners as a Marin Friendly consultant to the homeowners and renters in Marin County.  Our clients want to be reassured on all the good they’re doing as gardeners, encouraged to make their gardens even better, and supported in their efforts to make positive sustainable changes in their gardens.
- Dolores Gebhardt

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What better program to be a part of than the Bay Friendly Garden Walk? I meet wonderful people who invite me into their beautiful gardens, am able to share my passion and knowledge of gardening as a Master Gardener, and work with fabulous Bay Friendly partners.

- Peggy Mathers

I like to share helpful information with people on the efficient use of water that makes their gardens better saving both water and money.  This in turn helps conserve water for the whole district.  Besides it is fun to see other gardens and talk with people about their gardens. 
- Jeanne Price

Many homeowners don't know a lot about their irrigation systems and a little knowledge can go a long way to save water, money and have healthier plants. I love the Garden Walk program because it is so rewarding to educate homeowners on watering best practices. I also love water saving plants such as Mediterranean’s, succulents and California natives and enjoy extending information about these choices to homeowners who are planning to make changes in their gardens.
- Rebecca Ryan

I think it is one of the best ways to help people understand their landscape, irrigation & plants. Master Gardeners provide one on one assistance with clients with their landscape problems. When we can help it makes both of us happy. Where else do strangers meet you at their door with huge smiles & don't want you to leave? I also enjoy learning about new neighborhoods with different microclimates. I just love walking through some of the beautiful, creative gardens that some of our clients have developed.
- Jeanne Ballestero

If you would like to have a Marin Master Gardener come to your garden for an hour long consultation please fill out an online request for a Garden Walk.