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Your Garden Walk Resources

Water Wise Plant Guide

Select water-wise trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, succulents, vines and grasses for your landscape

UC IPM Meet the Beneficials

Meet the insects that fight for the health of your garden-natural enemies of garden pests

 How to be a Leak Detective

Find possible leaks inside and outside your house

Easy Water-Wise Gardening

Sunset’s Easy water-wise gardening provides information on efficient irrigation, water savings and where to get help

Bay Friendly Guide to Mulch

Save money, control weeds and create a healthy landscape with these different types of mulches

 Growing Gardens from Garbage

A guide to composting, mulching and grasscycling - the true secret to healthy plants is healthy soil

Bay Friendly Gardening

Information packed about easy sustainable gardening techniques

MMWD How to Read Your Meter

Your water meter helps you track your water use -- learn how to read your meter and identify leaks

Soil Matters

Learn about the diverse world of soil -- meet your neighbors beneath your feet that support healthy plants


Water Wise Edibles Plant Guide

Select and successfully grow water wise edibles in your garden

Go Native

Lists of CA natives and locations you can purchase them in Marin

Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants

Learn about wildlife in your garden and the plants that support biodiversity