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Backyard Bird Habitat
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Contact: Linda Aldrich: laldrich@marincounty.org
Sponsor: UC Marin Master Gardeners

Program: Over 500 species of birds are residents and visitors of Marin County, and you can see some of them just by looking out your backyard windows. Backyard birding is easy, interesting, and a lot of fun. Join Marin Master Gardener Bob Mauceli to learn more about the most frequently seen of these backyard birds. He also has some pointers on how to make these birds easier to see by building a simple, sustainable bird-friendly habitat in your backyard.

This is an online event offered through the Marin County Free Library via Zoom.

Speaker: Before becoming a Marin Master Gardener in 2014, Bob was a Master Gardener for nine years in New York. He lives on a north Novato hillside landscaped with twenty-one Tuscan olive trees, native trees, shrubs, ground covers, and perennials. Bob is also a member of the California Native Plant Society, and is a birder. He has built several natural habitats in his backyards over the years.

Cost: None

Registration: Registration is required for this online event. Register online here.

Sponsored by the Marin County Free Library and Marin Master Gardeners

Contact: For more information about this event, contact Linda Aldrich at (415) 473-6058 or laldrich@marincounty.org.