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Conquering Gardening Challenges! UC MMG Edible Demonstration Garden Workshop at IVOF&G

Date: March 18, 2017

Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Contact: Janice Rosales 708-308-8124

Sponsor: Marin Master Gardeners

Location: Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden (IVOF&G), College of Marin

Event Details

The Programs:

YOU CAN GARDEN FOR LIFE! Do you love to garden and don’t want to give it up? This seminar educates gardeners how to modify their gardens, adapt their tools and re-think how and when they garden, enabling them to garden for life, without pain, in comfort and joy. All participants will leave with an Adaptive Gardening Plan that will recap the dozens of tips, tools and techniques covered in this talk.

INTRODUCTION TO STRAW BALE GARDENING Learn to grow food in a straw bale garden—a natural type of container gardening that is ergonomic, economic and currently one of the hottest methods for growing vegetables. Why is straw bale gardening all the rage? Because it’s simple and solves many gardening challenges: Have bad soil? No soil needed. Limited space? Grow vegetables anywhere, even balconies and driveways. No time to weed? Little to no weeding required. Can’t bend or stoop? Easily accessible height. Tired of digging and raking raised beds? No digging or soil required. Want a longer growing season? Plant bales earlier in the spring.

Programs will include both lecture and “hands on” learning in the sites straw bale garden. Participants will leave with instructions for setting up a straw bale garden at home including resources, conditioning methods and planting ideas.

The Speakers:

Toni Gattone, a UC Marin Master Gardener since 2011, has spoken about Edible Landscaping and Growing Edibles in Containers.  Her seminar, YOU CAN GARDEN FOR LIFE! has been well received by Master Gardeners, garden clubs, senior groups and nurseries.

Rita Bernardi, a UC Master Gardener since 2010, is a longtime member of the Edibles Guild and grows most of her family's produce in her home garden 

Karen Tysinger, a UC Master Gardener since 2009, and has volunteered for growing and selling tomato plants at the annual Tomato Market.  Her home garden has included straw bales for the last three seasons.

Cost:  $10.00

Registration: Now open & closes 7 a.m. Thursday, March 16, 2017.  Register online now at:

IVC Parking passes will be issued to participants via email prior to the event. 

CE:  2 CE units, UC sponsored

Contact: Janice Rosales 708-308-8124

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