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Garden Help from UC Marin Master Gardeners

Do you have a garden-related question? A bug you want identified?  How-to information on growing fruits and vegetables?  Types of plants that do well with little water?  Marin Master Gardeners can help!  To get more information:

  • Call, email or visit our Help Desk
  • Visit us at one of the Farmers Markets
  • Check out the UC Integrated Pest Management (IPM) website

Marin Master Gardeners (MGs) are a trained group of 300+ volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with home gardeners and community organizations. Through educational outreach and community service, they work as non-paid staff members of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), answering inquiries and providing research-based information on all areas of plant health and gardening practices to the public for free.

For more information visit: