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Thank you for your flexibility and patience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check our events calendar for online talks and events. At this time, our Helpdesk volunteers have been available via email to answer your home gardening questions.
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10 easy succulents that work in Marin
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Food gardening: What you should be doing this month

Boxwood looking like this? Here's why...

5 best ways to save water in your garden

How to prepare your
for wildfire

What's eating my plants?
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    Frankly Speaking

    That all depends, we are living in a turbulent and challenging time. COVID19, demonstrations and racial unrest all disproportionately impact communities...

    By Frank McPherson
    Author - County Director


Upcoming Events
Event Name Date
Ordering Bulbs - ONLINE 8/15/2020
Fall to Winter Vegetable Gardening - ONLINE 8/29/2020

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Marin Master Gardeners (MGs) are a trained group of 300+ volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with home gardeners and community organizations. The mission of the UC Marin Master Gardeners is to extend research based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to Marin residents.