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  • Basil: The Fragrance of Summer
    Basil: The Fragrance of Summer

    From pizza to vodka gimlets, basil is a summertime sweetheart. There are many types of basil available, all easy to grow in warm, sunny gardens. Join gardeners everywhere who grow delicious, fragrant basil.

  • Bring on the Butterflies
    Bring on the Butterflies

    A garden filled with nectar-rich flowers is a butterfly's delight. Did you know that butterflies see well but have a poor sense of smell? They also use flowers as landing pads and sip water from shallow spots. Best part? It's easy to attract butterflies to your garden. 

  • Grow Your Own Bouquets
    Grow Your Own Bouquets

    Whether you're into large mixed bouquets or a single stem for a bud vase, there's nothing like fresh cut flowers. The majority of store-bought arrangements are imported, but you can buck that trend by growing your own cutting garden. 

  • Gardener's Summer Checklist
    Gardener's Summer Checklist

    As the thermometer rises, so do garden chores. Now's the time to snip off spent blooms, feed container plants, and pick up fallen fruit. Here's a full list of chores for the summer garden.

  • What's In a Name? Pelargonium vs Geranium
    What's In a Name? Pelargonium vs Geranium

    Geraniums and pelargoniums are summer standouts – even if it is hard to tell them apart. Regardless, they can be counted on to provide carefree color and fragrance for months on end. Here's more on on growing gorgeous pelargoniums and geraniums.