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Pruning Japanese Maples
Contact: Franklin Escobedo at fescobedo@cityoflarkspur.org
Sponsor: UC Marin Master Gardeners

Program: The time of year determines the type of pruning goals to set for Japanese Maples. In May (Spring), the goal is to create space in the trees to allow more air flow and sunlight. Donna and Judy will discuss the seasonal considerations for pruning and cultivation practices to promote the health and aesthetics of these graceful trees in your garden. We look forward to sharing important tips and demonstrating detailed pruning techniques to help build your confidence in pruning Japanese Maple trees.

This is an online event sponsored by Larkspur Library.

Speakers: Donna Miller and Judy Simmons are Marin Master Gardener Pruning Guild Journeyman Pruners. Through the Pruning Guild they have had two years of extensive lecture and hands-on training from certified aesthetic pruners. With their years of continued Pruning Guild membership they have further advanced their pruning knowledge and skills, as well as their teaching skills.

Cost: None

Registration is required for this event. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pruning-japanese-maples-with-uc-marin-master-gardeners-tickets-141379723559.

Sponsored by the Larkspur Library, Commons Foundation, and Marin Master Gardeners

Contact: For more information, contact Franklin Escobedo at
415-927-5005, 415-927-5135 or escobedo@cityoflarkspur.org.