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Gael Perrin

Gael Perrin’s interest in growing food began in elementary school when she participated in a corn harvest on her Aunt’s homestead in Michigan. Years later, she attended the University of California Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in Earth Sciences and studied organic farming and gardening at the UCSC Farm started by English Master Gardener Alan Chadwick. After graduation Gael worked in the field of environmental science, while she managed a small apple farm and grew produce for retail sale. In retirement, her interests in growing food, design and health led Gael to develop private edible gardens that are functional, beautiful and restorative. Gael became a Marin Master Gardener (MMG) in 2011 and has since: overseen the 2012 MMG County Fair project, which featured an edible garden; co-founded the MMG Edibles Guild; and founded the Edible Demonstration Garden at Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden. Gael continues to learn about growing food and enjoys her role as a mentor and edible gardening teacher.