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Spring and Summer Vegetable Gardens

There are a lot of planting options for spring and summer vegetable gardens. When choosing what and when to plant, consider their days to maturity requirements to determine if your selections will be ready before the end of the school year, during the summer or for next year’s back to school.

Spring vegetables are cold hardy and can tolerate the most low night temperatures of March. You can get a jump on your garden by starting some of your seeds indoors. Don’t rush to plant your summer vegetables before May. The cold can kill them or stunt their future growth. See our spring and summer vegetable favorites below.


February / March:

  • Harvest long maturing fall planted vegetables.
  • Leave some open pollinated plants in place to develop seeds for collection.


  • Plant from spring favorites list.
  • Avoid long maturing warm season vegetables that will be available in nurseries but will not mature until summer break (ex. tomatoes).


  • Harvest spring vegetables.
  • Add compost and plant summer crop from favorites list (if summer gardener & irrigation is available).
  • Plant pumpkins in May and corn and tomatoes in June for a back to school harvest.


Vegetable Cooked? Days to Maturity Comments
Beets Yes 55-90 Slow winter growth
Broccoli Optional 40-110 Slow winter growth, yellow flowers taste sweet
Chard Yes 40+ Provides multiple harvest opportunities
Kohlrabi Optional 50-60 Green or purple sputnik-shaped "cabbage turnip"
Leeks Yes 90+  
Lettuce No 40-90 Provides multiple harvest opportunities
Mizuna Optional 20-40+ Japanese Mustard Green for salads or cooking
Onions Optional 60-100+  
Peas Optional 55+ Trellis to support
Radishes Optional 20-80  
Tatsoi Optional 21-60

Mild mustard greens flavor for salad or stir-fry



Vegetable Cooked? Days to Maturity Comments
Amaranth Yes 90-110

Striking & large, pop seeds and make candy

Beans Yes 50-100+ Some varieties need trellis support
Corn Yes 60-100 Plant in min. of 4 ft. section for good pollination
Cucumbers No 45-85 Trellis to save space
Pumpkins Yes 80-125+ Recommend mini or small sugar (pie) pumpkins
Squash Yes 45-100+ Some Trellis to save space
Spinach Optional 40+  
Sun Flowers N/A 50-100 Great for seed counting, birds love them too
Tomatillos Optional 65-100 Try in salsa
Tomatoes Optional 55-100 Cherry tomatoes are the favorite

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