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Fire-smart Landscaping - Fire Facts

A Few Fire Facts

  • California wildfires are becoming more frequent, intense, and destructive. There are many reasons why, including more wildland vegetation, more development in the WUI, and the pervasive effects of climate change: more heat over longer periods, more wind, and less moisture.
  • Embers are the most significant cause of home ignition in wildfires. Embers are small pieces of burning material that can travel more than a mile from a wildfire. They can create spot fires when they land on combustible materials such as dry leaves in your gutter.
  • Fire starts when oxygen and heat come in contact with fuel. Fuel is anything that burns. Don’t be fuelish! Common sources of fuel during a wildfire include:
    • Dry or dead trees, shrubs, perennials
    • Mulch
    • Garden tools and brooms
    • Green waste containers
    • Garden and patio furniture and cushions
    • Jute or natural fiber door mats
    • Stack of wood