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Cindy's Habitat Garden

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Several years ago Cindy attended a Master Gardener talk by Nancy Bauer on creating a wildlife habitat garden. She was inspired! With her husband’s help she got rid of their lawn, used sheet mulching to enrich the soil, created raised beds and curving paths, and added multiple bird baths and charming places to sit.


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When you enter Cindy’s garden you become enchanted with all the activity -- hummers on the sages, bees on the catmint, birds singing and splashing in the baths. Her goal was to create an informal, low-maintenance garden, using drought-tolerant plants. Now it’s full of a diverse array of plants providing nectar for pollinators, seeds and berries for birds, annuals for cut flowers, and vegetables for eating.




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Cindy feeds the soil with compost once or twice a year and uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. She cuts things back and cleans up only once a year (in February), which leaves seeds and cover for creatures during the winter -- being a “lazy gardener” pays off for her and a variety of wildlife. In 2005 the garden was certified with the National Wildlife Federation as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat.”


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When asked what she likes best about her garden, Cindy says, “I just love sitting in the garden enjoying the beauty and watching what goes on… I am amazed at the amount of life all around us. The number of bird and butterfly species that visit the garden continues to both delight and astound me, and I love all the smells, especially the sages – it’s magical!”


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