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Community Outreach Projects of UC Marin Master Gardeners

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What are UC Marin Master Gardener Community Outreach Projects?
UC Marin Master Gardeners provide community organizations with educational outreach, consultation, knowledge and skills to create a healthy environment for Marin County.

What else do I need to know?
Marin Master Gardeners will help on projects within the limitations of our resources, as volunteers are available. Marin Master Gardeners cannot be a source of materials or supplies for projects and cannot be solely responsible for the maintenance of any of our project.  

How do I contact you?
Please email the Master Gardener Help Desk at HelpDesk@marinmg.org or call (415) 473-4204.

Thank you for thinking of Marin Master Gardeners!  Email communityservice@marinmg.org with further questions.