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Native Plants


Thursday, October 7, 2010
Social time: 6:30pm, program: 7pm
Livermore Room, Marin Art and Garden (MAGC)
$5 admission

Betty Young, Director of Native Plants Nurseries at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) and Sue Fritzke, Master Gardener and manager of Vegetation and Stewardship at GGNRA discussed the benefits of using natives in a sustainable garden.

October is one of the best months for planting California natives.  Betty Young and Sue Fritzke discussed how we an use natives to create a sustainable garden and the many benefits of planting them and what species are suitable for a home garden in Marin County. Betty and Sue both were involved in the plant selection for the Cavallo Point restoration project at Fort Baker. The project was given a very limited water budget for irrigation and the GGNRA park staff worked closely with the landscape architects at Cavallo Point to develop planting palettes that would meet the criteria of minimal water use and maintenance, attractive landscaping for public use and the protection of nearby natural habitats and endangered species.

This was an interesting and informative discussion on how the "Plant like a Native and Welcome Nature to the Garden"


CE documents: 

E_Propagule Collection Calendar (doc)

K-Information Resources (doc)

L-Places to obtain propagation supplies (doc)

plants under oaks (xls)

riparian plats for Marin (doc)