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Choisya ternate

  • Common Name
    Mexican Orange
  • CA Native
  • Plant Type
  • Size
    6' - 8' x 6' - 8'
  • Flower Color
  • Bloom Time
    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Spring through Fall
  • Leaves
    Dark Green
  • Evergreen
  • Deer Resistant
    Rarely Damaged
  • Wildlife Value
    • Bees
  • Growth Rate
  • Hardiness
  • Adverse Growth Factors
  • Special Features
    • Fragrance
    • Low Maintenance
  • Water Use
    • Low
  • Soil pH
    5.5-6.4 (acid)
  • Exposure
    • Partial Shade
    • Shade
  • Soil Type
  • Drainage
    Well Drained
  • Description and Cultural Plant Tips

    Choisya ternata is a fast-growing,dense, evergreen shrub with clusters of white star-shaped flowers that have a slightly citrus frangrance. Blooms appear from spring to fall. Plant en masse or in a mixed shrub border. Also looks good against a wall or fence. Foliage is great for flower arrangements.

    Plant the top of the root ball level with garden soil. Add soil under the plant to adjust the height of the plant. Firm down the soil as you fill in the hole so that it is not blown over in a strong wind. Water well to consolidate the soil. Prefers well-drained, fertile soil. Fertilze with well-rotted manure or compost at planting time and top dress in spring. Choisya have no special pruning needs. Prune to shape and size that you want. Can tolerate full sun near coast but needs light shade in hotter parts of the county. If in too much shade will get straggly and bear few flowers. Once established watering should be infrequent but deep.

    Bees are highly attracted to the nectar of this plant.

    No significant pests or diseases. Aphids can occasionally be a problem (see UC IPM)

  • Master Gardener Comments
    N / A
  • Varietals

    C. ternate ' Sundance' - bright yellow leaves when folige is young. Yellow green leaves when mature