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Gardening Tips - Adaptive Gardening


Gardeners have special challenges as we age and develop restrictive health and body issues. With a few modifications we can still enjoy puttering in the garden, leaving the heavy work to paid help. Here are a few of my favorite tools and tips.

  • Wear good shoes that won’t slip. Falling is hazardous so always be mindful of obstacles or slippery slopes
  • Work in one hour spurts when your energy is at its best, early morning perhaps. Rest for a few minutes in the shade and drink water.
  • Use a kneeling bench to protect the knees and provide arm support for standing back up easily. These can even work on hillsides if positioned correctly.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves and protective sunscreen.
  • Minimize tools in a tool belt: Good pruners, Hori Hori knife, and sharpener for sure.
  • Use a retractable hose to avoid tripping over a long one.
  • Here are some more TIPS
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