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Gardening Tips - What is Vermiculture?

What is Vermiculture?

Stuck for an idea for your holiday gift list? Why not add a worm bin to the list and the essential red worms to convert your food scraps to worm castings that are rich in trace minerals and plant nutrients. The worm bin can be as simple as an old pot with air holes drilled through the sides and if you ask around your friends the worms might even be free!

This type of composting is called vermiculture. The end product – the worm poop- or worm castings can be mixed into your soil or diluted in water to make worm tea to feed your plants. The end product is a wonderful rich black product. It’s very satisfying to throw your food scraps in the worm bin and see it transform to something so beneficial to your garden.

For more information read this article from the Sonoma County master Gardeners.


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