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Do Those Chores Now, Prepare for Spring

fall chores_cropped
It is time to plan for a healthy spring by doing a big fall cleanup.  Read on for a list of fall chores...

The Ants Go Marching One By One

Although ants are annoying when they come indoors, they can be beneficial by feeding on fleas, termites, and other pests in the garden.  Read how to control ants from invading your home

Mulch in Wildfire Hazard Areas

Mulches have many positive attributes. However, many mulches are combustible. Read here to find recommendations concerning the use of mulches as we adapt to living with wildfire.

Fall: A Time for Planning and Planting

fall planting
In our summer-dry, winter-wet climate, Autumn is an ideal time for planting perennials and evergreens. But don’t dash out to the nursery sales without a plan. Read on to learn more...

Tips on Applying Mulch

Enhance Your Garden With Succulents

For the water-conscious gardener, succulents may make an ideal contribution to the garden. Their varied textures, shapes and sizes will enhance the garden's design.  Read on to learn more... 

Yikes, Yellowjackets!

While yellowjackets can play a positive role in home gardens when they feed on caterpillars and grubs, they are unwelcome visitors when we sit down to enjoy an outdoor backyard barbeque. Learn more about these wasps and their habits, as well as suggestions to control them...

Treating Yellowjacket Nests

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Planting a Winter Cover Crop

cover crop
A cover crop is a crop that is planted for the purpose of improving soil quality and nutrition, and/or for attracting beneficial insects. A cover crop that is planted in the fall and tilled under in the spring is often referred to as a “green manure” crop. Read on to learn more...

Dry Season is Fire Season

Following the 2017 Northern California fires, Sonoma Master Gardeners created resources to help residents plan for firewise landscaping.

The Use of Cover Crops

To Save Water – Mulch!

If last month is any indication, it is going to be a very warm summer. Keeping plants hydrated is critical during hot weather, and applying mulch to the garden can help retain soil moisture. Customers in the Marin Municipal Water District can even receive a one-time $50 rebate for applying organic mulch or compost to their gardens. Information is available on the MMWD website. To learn more about mulching your garden, read this recent article...

Sheet Mulching Tips

sheet mulching
Sheet mulching is an organic, layering method that replenishes the soil while keeping the garden neat and attractive. The time frame between fall and the following spring allows several months for the organic matter in the layers to enrich the soil for fruitful spring planting.  Read on to learn more...

Opportunity Fund

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