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Growing Succulents

Succulents offer a low water alternative for the garden. Their varied textures, shapes and sizes will enhance the garden's design. Some succulents can contribute colorful flowers, while others add striking foliage or sculptural forms. They may be planted in decorative pots, borders, or in the hard-to-water corners of the garden. More than 60 plant families include plants with succulent characteristics, distributed among 300 genera and thousands of species. Read on to learn more about growing succulents...

Seeing Spots?

Powdery Mildew on Bean Leaf
If you’ve got white spots on your plants, there’s a good chance that it’s powdery mildew, a common, unsightly garden fungus that affects a wide variety of ornamentals and edibles. There is a common misconception that powdery mildew requires moist conditions. On the contrary, it typically proliferates in warm and dry areas such as those found throughout Marin.  Read on to learn more...

Growing Edibles with Less Water

All About Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the most popular vegetables grown in home gardens. They also prompt frequent cultural and pest management questions. Read on to get the scoop on growing tomatoes...

Growing Healthy Tomatoes

Garden Problems? Contact the Marin Master Gardener Help Desk

help desk
Who you gonna call if there’s trouble in your garden? Read on to find help...

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Gael’s Edible Gardening Tidbits...

...From Marin Master Gardener Gael Perrin

Gael’s Edible Gardening Tidbits
Choose Your Edible Garden Site: Last of four tidbits on planning an edible garden.  Don't forget to dig your soil.  Read on for tips...

Coddling Moth—Time for Prevention

Coddling Moth
No one likes to find a “worm” when they bite into a fresh apple. Successful management of these insidious pests needs to start as soon as apples appear.  Read on for ways to reduce the problem...

The Ants Go Marching One By One

Although ants are annoying when they come indoors, they can be beneficial by feeding on fleas, termites, and other pests in the garden. Read how to control ants from invading your home...

Reducing Pesticides in the Garden

Rule #1: Don’t invite pests into your garden

Pests, like people, need air, water, food and shelter to survive.  Take these away and pests will find your home and garden less attractive.  Read on to learn more... 

Soils Are Living!

Time to start Weeding!

Weeds can grow quickly, crowding out garden plants in competition for light and nutrients. Removal is easiest when weeds are small and in moist soil when it takes less effort to pull young plants. With all of the recent rains, that time is now. Don’t wait until your weeds are developing seeds and the soil has dried out. Read this recent Marin IJ article to learn how to succeed at managing weeds. Consult the UC Integrated Pest Management Weed photo gallery for photographs and weed identification tools.

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