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Pruning roses

This year resolve to do less in the garden

garden chair
It's New Year's resolution time, but this year how about resolving to do less in the garden? I don't mean avoiding chores. I'm talking about easy ways of making your landscape more sustainable.

Time to prune wisteria

Winter is the perfect time to restore order to that tangle of vines climbing your fence or hovering above you on the arbor. Now is the time to do the major restructuring that will result in cascading flowers in the spring.  Read on for tips on pruning wisteria.

Pruning wisteria

Use sustainable garden practices and design

save water in the garden
Sustainability in the garden involves meeting your needs today without negatively impacting the ability of future gardeners to meet theirs. The heart of sustainability is in your gardening practices and design.

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Bare root plants are prime to grow

bare root diagram
Winter is the best time to purchase bare root trees.  By planting these dormant plants, you’ll save money, be able to see visible roots and have a greater choice of varieties. Read this article to learn more.

Growing edible pod peas – it’s a snap!

snap peas
While many parts of the country are cold and snowy this month, with gardeners thumbing through seed catalogs and dreaming about summer planting – gardeners in Marin County can grow enjoy fresh edibles year round. Read on to learn about how you can plant peas now for a winter harvest.

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