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How to Protect Plants from Frost

frosted leaves
When the outside temperature drops to freezing, some plants need protection. Be ready to deal with this problem.  Read on to find out...

The Ants Go Marching One By One

Although ants are annoying when they come indoors, they can be beneficial by feeding on fleas, termites, and other pests in the garden.  Read how to control ants from invading your home

Managing Ants Around the Home

Preventing Erosion

Preventing Erosion
After a very dry summer, rain arrived in full force at the end of November. In Marin, rain normally occurs between November and April. After our dry summers, we depend on the rainfall for the deep watering our native and garden plants need. Ideally our winter rains fall gently on rich and stable soil, nourishing our thirsty plants. But when the rain washes away topsoil and floods flowerbeds, it can become too much of a good thing.  Read on...

Enhance Your Garden With Succulents

For the water-conscious gardener, succulents may make an ideal contribution to the garden. Their varied textures, shapes and sizes will enhance the garden's design.  Read on to learn more... 

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Bare Root Trees are Primed To Grow

bare root trees
Winter is the best time to purchase bare root trees.  By planting these dormant trees, you’ll save money, be able to see visible roots and have a greater choice of varieties.  Read on to learn more...

Tips on Applying Mulch

Sheet Mulching Tips

sheet mulching
Sheet mulching is an organic, layering method that replenishes the soil while keeping the garden neat and attractive. The time frame between fall and the following spring allows several months for the organic matter in the layers to enrich the soil for fruitful spring planting.  Read on to learn more...

Firewise Landscaping -- Incorporating Some Best Practices Into Your Landscape

Following the 2017 Northern California fires, Sonoma Master Gardeners created resources to help residents plan for firewise landscaping.

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UC Marin Master Gardeners are grateful for a tax-deductible donation to support our program.

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