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Introduction to Pruning for Beginners

Date: February 22, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Contact: Julie Witz,

Sponsor: Marin Master Gardeners

Location: Mill Valley Library

Event Details

Program This woody plants pruning workshop empathizes visual and tactile learning. There are three distinct parts to the session: 1) Learning pruning lexicon and plant biology using plant samples. 2) Provide the different reasons pruning is beneficial. 3) Demonstrate the fundamental pruning cuts with a variety of plant samples.

If time allows, we will also include group participation and a question/answer period.

At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees would come away with an elementary knowledge of where, why, and how to prune.

Speakers Betty Jennings and Margaret Chu are Marin Master Gardener Pruning Guild journeyman pruners. They have had two years of extensive lecture and hands-on training from certified pruners. While continuing to gain pruning knowledge and skills from experts, they are now pruning mentors to new Pruning Guild members.

Registration is required in advance, and can be done so online at:

Contact: Julie Witz at or (415) 473-4204

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